Tuesday, May 24

Cyber ​​attacks on the press will increase in the coming months | Digital Trends Spanish

A report warns that cyberattacks on the media will increase in the coming months, revealing that this sector is the most affected and that the security measures adopted seem not to be enough to stop the threats from hackers.

The report prepared by the cybersecurity service provider, S21sec, warns that European media, such as press, television and radio, will continue to be the main target of hackers in the next six months.

Malicious actors from various sources participate in attacks targeting this information sector, whose tactics, techniques and procedures are becoming increasingly sophisticated and difficult to detect.

According to the study, cyberattacks targeting the media have shown a change since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. “If before the goal of directing a cyber attack on the media coincided with the social, political and economic events of the moment, now the attackers tend to go one step further,” explains Sonia Fernández, head of the intelligence area at S21sec.

One of the external factors that promotes the increase in the number of attacks has been the war between Russia and Ukraine, which has encouraged a “cyber war” where malicious actions abound and the spread of false news from both sides.

Today, hackers are more focused on cyber espionage, spreading fake news, collecting subscriber data, and sabotaging users, among other techniques.

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