Tuesday, August 9

CyberMonday 2021: what will be the main consumer trends for this edition

In terms of consumer trends, the study showed that digital platforms will be key to Cyber ​​Monday searches. 87% of consumers prefer to research the desired product or service online, while 13% prefer to do it in the physical store.

Although ecommerce in these events becomes a trend, it does not mean that Argentines do not purchase products and services through other channels. On the contrary, omnichannel has become the preferred way for consumers to make their purchases. According to the work of Ipsos, 7 out of 10 consumers in Argentina are omnichannel, that is, they search and buy both online and in physical stores.

“Customers will choose the channels that work best for them to be able to carry out their searches and purchases on Cyber ​​Monday. For this reason, having an omnichannel strategy is essential for this discount season. Putting the consumer at the center is offering them the best of the digital and physical world without friction or barriers ”, he assured Evangelina Suarez, Commercial Director for the Retail industry of Google Argentina.

In particular, there are certain categories that are leading the purchase intention of people this year, especially for those who will buy omnichannel. Currently, the categories most requested by Argentines are:

  • Food and beverages by 92%.

  • Home care and cleaning: 84%.

  • Clothing and accessories: 84%.

  • Personal care: 79%.

  • Shoes: 69%.

  • Cell phones: 46%.

“With this study and looking to the future, the development of strategies focused on omnichannel will be a fundamental piece for the growth of digital businesses, since they allow us to gain flexibility and adapt to the needs of buyers. The key is to find a balance between physical and online stores and sales services, since Argentine consumers search, research and buy through various channels ”, explains Suárez.

It should be remembered that Cyber ​​Monday is an online sales event organized by the CACE and that this year it will take place on November 1, 2 and 3.