Tuesday, March 21

Dancausa washes its hands and blames the Police for not protecting prostituted minors in Madrid: “There is no case here”

It was the most anticipated appearance of the first session of the year that is being held this Thursday at the Madrid Assembly. And he has disappointed all the opposition. The Minister of Family, Youth and Social Policy, Concepción Dancausa, was due to appear in the regional Parliament to explain the case of the five minors under the guardianship of the Community of Madrid who have been prostituted, but her speech has become a string of reproaches to the left and pointing to other autonomous communities. Dancausa has even ended up blaming the Police and the Government Delegation for not protecting minors. On the role of the administration, she has completely cleaned her hands: “Ladies, there is no case here,” the counselor has assured, to the outrage of the opposition.

“The protection of minors outside the centers corresponds to the State Security Forces and Bodies. Our role is neither that of GRUME, nor that of UFAM, nor that of the Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office, nor that of the Guard Civil…, but to collaborate with all of them by bringing any incident to their attention”, assured the counselor on the platform of the Vallecas Assembly. Dancausa has even pointed to the centers in their attempt to wash their hands: “The direct responsibility for minors falls on the management and professionals who are in direct contact with them. Their role is so relevant that the new Law of comprehensive protection for children and adolescents against violence considers them ‘agents of authority”, he said.

The rest of his speech has been dedicated to talking about other autonomous communities and attacking the left for what is happening with minors in other regions. Dancausa has criticized “the lack of empathy on the left and the extreme left in this House.” “You have had an unacceptable reaction, both from a human and political point of view. In politics you can lose your head, as has happened to you; but you should never have lost your heart. You have lost your head and your heart. Society will never forgive them for their lack of scruples. But it will never forgive them for their lies either,” he said.

At that point, the Madrid councilor has reproached the spokeswoman for Más Madrid, Mónica García, “who walked around smiling with the first vice president of the Valencian Community, Mónica Oltra”, while asking for her reprobation “without having listened to me”. “But on the other hand, she did cover who has starred in a real scandal in which even her ex-husband is condemned. Mrs. García does not ask for explanations for the 175 cases of abuse in Valencia, but here she asks for my disapproval,” she lamented.

He has also attacked United We Can for “preventing -he said- any investigative commission in the Balearic Islands for the case of minors under guardianship; and those who have rejected in the Congress of Deputies, in partnership with the PSOE, the appearance of the minister Ione Belarra”. “They are the same ones who have now run out to request an investigation into the Catholic Church, hand in hand with the Esquerra separatists and the heirs of ETA,” he added.

“Isn’t what happens in Guadalajara worth investigating? Doesn’t Mr. Page’s government have to give an explanation? Has the government of Castilla La Mancha reported the case to the Police? Why hasn’t the government appeared in the case? of Castilla-La Mancha, just as the Community of Madrid has done?” he asked. But nothing to give explanations despite the fact that the appearance, he has presumed, was at his own request to explain the situation.

“Not everything is valid in politics, “but much less using a police investigation into some girls who are victims of criminals, to hide their miseries in the Balearic Islands and Valencia, in an attempt to win votes in Madrid”, concluded his first speech.

The opposition charges harshly against Dancausa

The opposition did not give credit to an appearance that has been dedicated to “throwing balls out” and attacking them. The opposition parliamentary groups –Más Madrid, PSOE, Vox and United We Can– have agreed to accuse Dancausa of being a “coward” and a “liar” and have asked for explanations.

The deputy of the PSOE Lorena Morales has lamented that the system of protection of minors of the Community is making “waters” and has criticized the “lack of diligence” on the part of those who manage the area of ​​Social Policies. “They lacked the truth and were aware of the situation. This is very serious,” he launched. The socialist has called it “unfortunate” that the counselor does not assume responsibility and tries to blame other institutions, the Police and the Prosecutor’s Office. “Enough is enough, the competition is yours. Stop throwing balls out. The intervention is unfortunate. You are responsible,” he snapped.

The deputy of More Madrid Emilio Delgado, who last week already presented a request for disapproval against the counselor, has been one of the harshest against Dancausa. The deputy of More Madrid Emilio Delgado has made ugly that he has not given explanations before, covering himself “under a blanket of lies” as if the minors were not protected. The More Madrid deputy has recalled that the Community has absolute responsibility for these minors, beyond limiting itself to ensuring that justice is brought to the attention of the court.

“This case required something more. After the complaints they said that they did not know that this was taking place. They have many contradictions. Why was the first reaction of the Community of Madrid to lie and say that they were not protected by the Community? They are lying to us on an extremely serious issue. They cannot do that”, he launched, at the same time that he found the audit proposal “joking”, which he fears will remain “nothing” like that of nursing homes, showing that ” He’s not up to the job.”

Emilio Delgado has reiterated after listening to the counselor that Más Madrid will maintain the request for disapproval against Dancausa in the next plenary session, has asked for his resignation and has invited the rest of the opposition to join.

The deputy of United We Can Paloma García who had tried to bring about a conciliatory issue with Dancausa has ended up accusing her of “cowardly” and of “using girls” from the Balearic Islands or Valencia “to remove the blame” for what is happening in Madrid. “Whoever is watching it from the street, I don’t know how they don’t die of disgust that this must give them to be talking about another community instead of saying that there is a problem in all the centers for minors throughout Spain and that we are going to work to that it ends”, he indicated below.

Paloma García has lamented that the regional government tries to “pass the buck” and says that “there is no case.” “It seems to me low-minded and with very little political capacity. I don’t want him to say that I am to blame for everything, but what cannot be is that the politicians, those who pay us to look for solutions, blame him on top of that. children and their families,” he reproached.

Finally, even Vox has regretted Dancausa’s attitude. The deputy of the far-right formation José Ignacio Arias has indicated that he was not going to “politicize pain”, but he regretted that the minors had not been protected. The Vox parliamentarian has regretted that in the counselor’s intervention it seems that “everything is well done” and has assured that his explanations have not seemed “convincing”.