Friday, December 9

Darias defends that Spain has some of the “most hopeful” cancer therapies

The Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, has closed the days of ‘The new health’ in Barcelona with a plea in favor of the national health system, and especially of the Spanish capacities in research against cancer. The cutting-edge therapies that are being developed in hospitals such as the Puerta de Hierro, in Madrid, or the Clínic, in Barcelona, ​​are “European benchmarks”.

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Darias was referring to the advancement of treatments with the CAR-T technique, which with the genetic editing of these cells is transforming the approach to some cancers. The minister recalled that the ministry has opened a call for the development of these innovative therapies that reaches 15 centers and that in the last two years they have dealt with up to 778 requests for this treatment. “We are facing the most hopeful cancer therapies, which show that the Government is committed to continuous improvement of the system’s capabilities,” she stated.

“The real reason for politics is to ensure life in the broadest sense,” Darias has said, quoting the philosopher Hannah Arendt. With this statement, the minister wanted to put on the table the Government’s commitment to strengthen the capacity of the national health system, which she has defined as the “flagship”.

In this sense, Darias has been “proud” of the progress and the “magnitude of the reforms.” “We have had to prepare ourselves in very difficult times in order to protect our health in the face of adversities that will surely come”, said the minister, who recognized that Spanish talent “has exceeded expectations”.

With this, he has made reference to the production of vaccines “in record time” during the pandemic and has wanted to value the learning derived from the management of the coronavirus. Among them, he has highlighted the investment in improving the preventive capacity of the national health system to “give years to life and life to years.” In order to improve the health approach, the minister mentioned various initiatives that are being carried out by the Ministry, such as the promotion of the Spanish Network of Healthy Cities. “Health is transversal and impacts everything that surrounds us”, she has riveted herself.

Apart from that, the minister did not want to minimize the importance of health care once the disease has already appeared and has dedicated glowing words to the primary care system, which she has defined as a “basic pillar”. With this, she has recognized the capacity of the public system to deal with complex and silenced issues such as mental health. Darias has highlighted some advances such as the activation of the suicide prevention hotline.

“We are carrying out a true revolution in the National Health System” defended the minister, who also devoted part of her conference to praising digital innovation in healthcare. With this, she has highlighted that digitization is a tool that will ensure “good patient care, regardless of where she lives. Digitization will serve to strengthen equity and recover rights lost in previous years.”

Darias’ intervention, which has been an ode to the public health system, has not been concluded without mentioning health professionals, to whom he has promised to “end job insecurity” with a stabilization plan that will put an end to the “high temporary” and that will shield future contracts to ensure that temporary only occurs when it is really necessary.

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