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Darpon, after not being charged: “Being a member of the PNV is like being proud, also having worked for Osakidetza and my country”

With an investigation open at least until January 2022 and with 20 defendants already among members of the courts and opponents -a figure that could still grow-, the Department of Health understands that in the investigation into the allegations of leaks in the 2018 medical oppositions in the Basque Health Service (Osakidetza) “is becoming clear […] the non-responsibility of the top rectors of that time “in the possible irregularities. Councilor Gotzone Sagardui expressly defends her predecessors Jon Darpon, who resigned in 2019 for this case, and Nekane Murga, whom a witness pointed out as being aware of the leaks in her previous stage as a doctor, in the light of a judicial order that rejects the accusation of Darpon, the general director of Osakidetza, María Jesús Múgica, and other high positions (among which Murga is not). has sent a very brief message on Twitter, written in Basque, thanking the PNV for their support: “Being a member of the PNV is enough to be proud, also having worked for Osakidetza and my country”

The magistrate of the leaks in the oppositions of the Basque Health ensures that analyzing the examinations “does not contribute anything”

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Sagardui understands that from the novelties of the investigation -advanced by this newspaper- “it is also deduced the claim expressed from the beginning, that is, that the purpose was to proceed with the development of a process that was as transparent and participated as possible that had confidentiality commitment clauses in the preparation of the tests “. Despite this, there are suspicions that there were anomalies in about twenty exams, in which there are usually high marks among colleagues from hospitals of the actual authors of the questions. In addition, at least one of the parties named as an accusation, the LAB union, has shown its intention to appeal the decision of the magistrate, named Cristina Rodríguez Ruiz, since it considers that it is not possible that leaks occurred in an isolated manner without the protection of a system designed to allow them.

Salud has made these considerations in a statement that also includes other reflections from the Sagardui team. One of them is that they want to emphasize that the Government “from the first moment” and “until now” is showing a “commitment to collaborate with the Justice” for the “total clarification of what happened.” The counselor sent a similar message in a recent interview with this newspaper. This contrasts with some controversies in the past, such as when all the material collected in the internal investigation carried out in June 2018 was not delivered to the Prosecutor’s Office, which included recordings with clear complaints that there had been “tongo”, in expression used in one of the audios that appeared months later.

The message of the Government of Iñigo Urkullu follows that of the PNV, which has already sent a “big hug” to Darpon and slipped that those who appointed him responsible for the OPE should assume responsibilities. In fact, the statement from the Department of Health also expresses the Executive’s “hope” that the “personal and institutional reputational damage suffered by so many accusations by political, union and media agents” will be “overcome”, which it does not indicate by name. .

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