Wednesday, December 7

DATA | The reopening of the emergency room in Madrid: not a day with a doctor and nurse in all the centers

He promised to reopen them all with medical, nursing and guard personnel, but the start-up of out-of-hospital emergencies, closed since March 2020, has not been fulfilled according to Isabel Díaz Ayuso’s plan. On October 27, the day of the reorganization, the Ministry of Health reported 57% casualties. According to their own data, that afternoon “all” were opened, despite complaints from doctors and unions, who classified the night as “chaos”. A description that has been repeated every day since then.

The doctors’ strike begins due to the chaos of the emergency room in Madrid: “Ayuso, with the toilets you commit an abuse”

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From the Community of Madrid they have ensured during the first week of reopening of the 37 primary care emergency services (SUAP) closed by the pandemic, with the staff of the 41 SAR and volunteers, that 90% of the centers have reopened “with a doctor and/or nurse”, without specifying how many have had the full team.

Given the lack of data from the Ministry, which has not provided this information to this medium, from the SAR Platform they have been carrying out an exhaustive documentation work, with telephone calls to each of the 78 renamed as 24-hour health centers, from on October 29, two days after the Ayuso plan was launched. Since then, and according to this source, the day that most services had complete teams was last Thursday, when 55% had medical, nursing and caretaker personnel. That same day, 13% remained closed and 25% opened without all staff.

As can be seen in the graph, the 78 centers whose reopening the Ministry presumes and of which the president herself said last week that they were operating “at full capacity” were not open on any day. The days with the worst data were Saturday, October 29, and the holiday of November 1. Precisely, these days were going to be covered by Primary Care professionals who volunteered to carry out complementary sessions. The rest of the days, the bulk of the work is carried out by the SAR personnel, who went on an indefinite strike this Monday with minimum services of 100% and whom the Executive itself has veiled accused of boycotting the reorganization plan of out-of-hospital emergencies.

Those days, doctors were absent in 81% and 79% of the services, data similar to those of November 5, also Saturday, when there were no doctors in 74% of the centers. The day that most emergencies were attended by a doctor was November 3, when there was a doctor in two out of every three emergencies.

To try to address the chaos generated by the reorganization launched by the Ministry of Health, President Ayuso has chosen to resign medical personnel in 37 of the 78 points. As of this week, “until the negotiations are re-conducted [con los sindicatos] and the current situation”, these points will have two nurses and a video consultation service with a doctor from the corresponding care management.