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David Bowie Limited Edition Stylophone Released | Digital Trends Spanish

The stylohphone is a pocket synthesizer that was invented by Brian Jarvis of Dubreq Studios in 1968. It is like a small keyboard that delivers an analog sound, but instead of touching the keys with your fingers, you play by sliding a stylus over them.

In 1969, the stylophone was used by David Bowie in his famous song “Space oddity“As the manufacturer sent you a courtesy unit after the product was launched. Since that time, the instrument has been widely associated with the artist. In fact, he also used it on his 2002 song “Slip Away.”

Now, decades later, the Dubreq company partnered with The David Bowie Archive to launch a limited edition of the stylophone. It seeks to celebrate the artist’s musical career with an attractive David Bowie design.

The new version, called Bowie Stylophone, has the normal and characteristic sound of this instrument, but what is interesting for fans of the artist is that it integrates the renowned Bowie logo on its surface.

But that is not all. This issue also comes with a booklet that delves into Bowie’s music with archival photos from his entire career, including previously unpublished images by Tony Visconti, Mark Adams, and The David Bowie Archive.

“There is a great resurgence in the interest of young musicians for the mini synthesizer. This limited edition stylophone is a great way to commemorate David’s affection for the instrument and inspire the next generation of musicians to create even cooler music with the stylophone, ”said John Simpson of Dubreq.

The great thing about the stylophone is that it measures less than 12 cm, so you can fit it perfectly in your pocket. Plus, it only requires three AA batteries to run, has a built-in speaker, and a headphone port.

This new collector-friendly item is priced at $ 40 and is now available for purchase at the Dubreq website.

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