Saturday, October 1

DAZN account sharing is over: watching football and Formula 1 will be more expensive next season, with one exception

DAZN will eliminate the possibility of sharing accounts with users connected to a network outside our home, thus ending shared accounts. How it collects EngadgetMobile, the company’s own board of directors has made public its plans to restrict shared streaming, with one exception.

The only way to share an account with DAZN will be in the event that two devices are connected on the same IP. They thus affirm that “the subscription is personal and non-transferable”, a change that comes to the gates of the next football season.

You will no longer be able to share an account with another user

Just a week ago auction ended of LaLiga emission rights, one of the star broadcasts searched by DAZN. After the same, Movistar and DAZN were awarded the rights for the next five seasons. While it is rumored a quota increase after the auction, the immediate consequence will be goodbye to shared accounts.

DAZN will not allow streaming on two different devices if they are not connected to the same network

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To date, DAZN allowed simultaneous broadcast on two devices, even if they were not under the same network. According to statements by VerĂ³nica Diquatrro, director of income for Spain and Italy, “the subscriptions are personal and non-transferable”, having foreseen limit simultaneous playback.

The only exception will be play content from the same network with the same fixed IP In this way, in the same house, two users can stream on two different devices, but not if they are connected to a different network.

In addition to this change, DAZN ensures be working on new pricing plans that do allow account sharing, so the small bargain of enjoying football and other sports for only 5 euros per month is over.

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