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DC heroes will be dinosaurs in Jurassic League | Digital Trends Spanish

Exclusively, DC Comics offered to the polygon portal a first look at the comic book miniseries jurassic leaguein which the superheroes of the Justice League, as well as their enemies, are dinosaurs.

The series will be on sale on May 10 and, judging by the images shown by Polygon, it will be like a kind of teenage fantasy in the same vein as anthropomorphic animal superhero stories. Yes Street Sharks or The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were your hit, then chances are jurassic league at least get your attention.

Favorite DC Comics superheroes look like ferocious anthropomorphic dinosaurs. Superman is a brachiosaurus; Batman, an allosaurus, and Wonder Woman, a triceratops. Of course, there are also iconic villains like Joker, who, for example, looks like a dilophosaurus.

“I wanted each dinosaur to be immediately recognizable for the hero it represents,” said Juan Gedeon, illustrator in charge of the series. “If someone looks at them and wonders, ‘what character is this?’ then the design was not successful, so I chose the dinosaur that best captures the essence of its human counterpart,” Gedeon added in an email conversation with Polygonal.

“Joker had to be a crazy, stealthy, colorful, unpredictable and dangerous character, cool as well and disgusting to a certain extent, I thought of Vertigo from PrimalRage”added the artist, who also said that the dinosaur Joker is inspired by the character that Heath Ledger covered.

jurassic league It will consist of six numbers. The main screenwriter will be Daniel Warren Johnson, who wrote Wonder Woman: Dead Earthamong other works.

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