Thursday, July 29

Dead Space officially returns with a remake | Digital Trends Spanish

What was already rumored beforehand, finally became a reality: EA announced a remake from the original Dead Space.

Dead space is a video game released in 2008 and it was an action game with a psychological horror key, similar to what it proposed Resident Evil 4. But its futuristic and spatial setting gave it a different tone to what was customary in games of the genre and that made it very well received by fans.

The success of Dead space It gave rise to two sequels, but in each of them the elements of tension were being left aside to give way to more direct action, in line with what were the trends of the time. The franchise was in limbo after Dead Space 3, until now EA has decided to give it a second chance, taking the first game as the base and starting point.

The remake of Dead space It will only arrive on next-generation consoles (PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S) and will be developed by the EA Motive studio, since Visceral Games, the studio behind the original, was shut down by EA a few years ago. For now, this new Dead space It does not have a release date and everything indicates that it will arrive, at least, in 2022.

Now, the question is, why does EA want to revive this franchise? While the company has made big bets in the world of multiplayer titles, such as its sports games or Apex Legends, They have also given space to other games such as Jedi Fallen Order– More traditional single-player adventures that were more successful than EA expected.

The latter, added to the great reception of the remakes of resident Evil and the new Resident Evil Village, They suggest that non-multiplayer titles are not as dead as previously thought and that it’s just a matter of budgeting them appropriately, assigning them to talented studios, and setting appropriate expectations for them. The audience for these products is there and maybe not playing Fortnite, but they are willing to pay $ 60 for well-designed games.

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