Thursday, August 5

Dead workers rise to 13 in flooded tunnel in southern China



At least 13 workers have died in the flooded tunnel in the city of Zhuhai, in the Chinese province of Guangdong, located in the south of the country, when the bodies of ten more people have been found, according to state media.

Rescue work has led to the discovery on Wednesday night of these ten bodies, which has raised to thirteen construction workers dead in the Shijingshan tunnel, where a total of 14 people were trapped last week.

Thus, rescue work continues in the flooded tunnel of the Xingye Highway with the aim of finding the last person trapped as soon as possible, according to the state agency Xinhua.

The flooding of a section under construction of the tunnel, of more than one kilometer, occurred on July 15, which caused 14 of the workers in charge of the work to be trapped in the place.

Rescue teams then began rescue work, which led to the discovery of three bodies on Tuesday.

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