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Death row jazz sounds this season at the Círculo de Bellas Artes

Jazz never goes out of style. That is why he returns to the Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid. But this 2022/2023 edition has unprecedented activities, especially the last one. Without intending to start the house from the roof, it is impossible not to highlight first the day that Keith LaMar and Albert Marquès star on February 24. It will be the eighth and last date of Jazz Círculo, which will be held at the Fernando Rojas Theater starting on October 28.

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LaMar’s story sounds like something out of fiction, but it’s terrifyingly real. This African-American has been on death row in an Ohio prison for 28 years and has an execution date: November 16, 2023. He entered when he was 19 for killing a drug dealer and jazz has been what kept him with life all this time of captivity.

For his part, Marquès, a Catalan pianist based in New York, led the wave of protests Freedom First to request the social reintegration of prisoners and denounce the violation of human rights that the death penalty represents. Freedom First it is also an album that will be played next February by LaMar himself with the backing of a quartet of jazz musicians made up of Marquès. Prior to the concert, a round table will be held Human rights and death penalty. The case of Keith LaMar with Esteban Beltrán, from Amnesty International, the MEP Eugenia Rodríguez Palop and Marquès himself. Entry to the table is free and the concert will be priced at 20 euros or 15 in advance sale.

For the first time, the Círculo offers the opportunity to subscribe to the Jazz Círculo cycle for 105 euros (95 the reduced rate) and have access to the eight events. Tickets are already on sale. The CBA defines this edition as one of the most egalitarian and youthful that it has held, and this is demonstrated by the first show.

They are not so young, but Jorge Moreno and his band Foedus They are one of the strong debuts of the season. Of bears and cats It is his first album. In it she has recovered rhythms and instruments from the almost unknown Madrid tradition to bring them to the sound of a 21st century jazz orchestra. He does so accompanied by a band of almost twenty of the most active musicians on the current Madrid and national scene. They will be on October 28 opening the cycle at the Fernando Rojas Theater.

Continuing with the premieres, Clara Peya stands out, an animal of the performing arts trained in classical piano at the Rimsky Korsakov Conservatory in Saint Petersburg and in jazz and modern music at the Taller de Músics. She has also collaborated with the Asturian Rodrigo Cuevas on his song water in the lung. He has not revealed much about what his show will bring on February 10, but what is known is that it will be one of the most committed parades for the Jazz Circle.

The female presence is strong this season, and is led by other musicians such as María Toro, who will perform on January 27. The flutist of A Coruña He has been touring the world since 2010, starting in Zurich when he joined the international company Flamencos on Route. In 2011 she settled in New York and recorded her first flamenco-jazz work, backlit. At the Madrid show she will be accompanied by a double bass, a piano and a drum kit.

Lastly, I would like to highlight a duo of great veterans: María Mezcle and Pedro Ojesto. During the last twenty years, Mezcle has garnered recognition awards such as the National for Alegrías in the National Contest of Cante de Las Minas or the Gold Badge of her native land. She has participated in projects of other companies such as Antonio Najarro, Ángel Rojas, the National Ballet of Spain and Farruquito. On the other hand, Pedro Ojesto is one of the most outstanding referents of flamenco jazz. He has collaborated with musicians of the category of Uffe Markussen, Tony Moreno or Mike Richmond in jazz, and in the flamenco field, with Enrique Morente, “El Bola”, Joaquín Cortés, Ramón “El Portugués” Guadiana or Sandra Carrasco. Together, within the framework of the JazzMadrid festivalwill offer a performance that paints unforgettable.