Thursday, January 27

Debts, votes and accusations of ‘tamayazo’ in Aranjuez

The Plenary of the Aranjuez City Council, in which this Friday the municipal budgets were definitively approved, has ended with a string of accusations from the PSOE, which it has branded as tamayazo the way in which the government coalition of the PP and Citizens has managed to carry out the project. And it is that the mayor María José Martínez de la Fuente (PP) has found an unexpected Christmas gift from Vox: one of the two deputies that the far-right party has in this Madrid municipality decided to distance himself from the official line set by his spokesman, who was voting against, and supported some accounts that put an end to four years of extension of the previous ones.

Almeida’s support to the right and left is complicated to negotiate municipal budgets

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The protagonist of the day has been José María Gómez Vico, who cast the crucial vote in favor despite the fact that his spokesperson, Begoña Banegas, had announced in his speech that they would vote against, a position very in line with the one being adopted by the Vox leader Javier Ortega Smith in the Madrid City Council, which has the mayor of the capital, José Luis Martínez Almeida, in suspense. Thanks to Gómez Vico and the two abstentions of the councilors of Iniciativa Por Aranjuez (In-Par), the budgets have gone ahead to the satisfaction of the Government team.

After the debate, the Socialists, who in 2019 won the elections but could not maintain the baton they held in the previous legislature, compared this case with the tamayazo that the Government of the Community of Madrid snatched from them in 2003. “The absurdity of the extreme right and the incoherence of In-Par have made it possible for the municipal budgets to have been approved,” said PSOE spokesperson Montserrat García. In agreement with, García justifies his opposition to the accounts by assuring that the responsibility of his group was “with the neighbors.” “We were not going to vote in favor of a budget that does not contemplate the public investments that this city needs or social policies. Already in the initial approval we proposed that the budgets be left on the table so that they could be agreed upon by all the groups of the Corporation and that the municipal government did not have to depend on the blackmail of Vox, “he said.

But the matter did not end there because García, after accusing the coalition government of “not having wanted to sit down to dialogue at any time with the PSOE, which is the most voted party in this city,” classified the morning debate as “the Plenary of shame “. He then charged against Gómez Vico, whom he accused of having “a debt of about 10,000 euros with this City Council for years without paying the taxes paid by all citizens, being also supposedly untraceable when he collected, first, a payroll as a position of trust and, later, as a councilor “. The socialist spokeswoman also dropped the suspicion that the mayor was covering up this matter from the Vox councilor. “He has not clarified it or allowed us to access the file,” he said. In addition, he announced that his group will request the Chamber of Accounts to audit Gómez Vico’s debt file to clarify “if that is the cause of this tamayazo “.

For his part, the mayor of Vox assured this writing that these accusations were “false” and in turn criticized the PSOE for “continuing in their line, lying and misrepresenting reality.” Gómez Vico believes that the Socialists “by mounting this whole case, are trying to cover up the inefficiency of the previous Treasury delegate,” against whom the mayor of Vox assures that he already filed a complaint in 2019 for the comments he made about him in a conference press.

In his opinion, in addition, the PSOE spokesperson shows “a great ignorance of the electoral law, which indicates that to qualify for a council act one of the requirements that must be met is not to have debts with the Local Treasury.” “Everything I say is demonstrable: I have been a public position since September 16 and according to them that debt is previous. Do they take people for fools?” “If I had debts I would not have my record,” he insists, so he assures that everything they say about him is “outrageous.” “I am not going to waste a minute in this kind of outrage,” he settled.

Regarding his departure from the official position announced by his partner and spokesperson, the far-right mayor said he was not afraid of being sanctioned because he “has voted in conscience for budgets based on good foundations, not clay” and that, in his opinion, they will manage to alleviate the deficit that has existed due to the extensions of the previous accounts “after this tough stage of the pandemic.” “I cannot let a debt of more than 121 million continue to grow and a lot of people who cannot be plunged into another hole remain uncollected,” he said. In case it was not clear, he ruled that he is in agreement with the leader of his party in the Community of Madrid, Rocío Monasterio: “There is no hint of hope on the left.”

Apart from the councilor of Vox, the two councilors of Iniciativa Por Aranjuez were also secondary actors in this budgetary episode lived in the Madrid town this Friday. The spokesperson, Juan Carlos Ramírez, also explains the reasons for the abstention that they decided in the extraordinary plenary session. “Budgets have been extended since 2017 [etapa en la que gobernaba el PSOE]. They were accounts that we supported at the time and in which we participated, “he recalled, adding that it was urgent to adjust the budgets” to the needs of this year. “” It is not the budget that we would have presented, “he acknowledged.” But no We could vote against it because it would have led us to more debt and new credit modifications, “he stressed. Ramírez believes that the accounts” at least have no stink of the rancid right “, since it is” a more technical than political budget. ”

“As I said in my speech in plenary, we do not play the strategy of the worse the better. I think we have been responsible,” he told Regarding the anger of the PSOE, a party with which he collaborated in the past, he assured that “they are wrong in strategy by joining their vote with the official position of Vox.” The In-Par spokesperson emphasizes that they had no idea what Vox was going to do in that plenary session: “They are unpredictable people: first they voted against and then one of them does not appear and today they have divided. What I want to leave behind It is clear that In-Par will always prevent Vox from conditioning budgets in Aranjuez, “he stressed.

In the midst of this scuffle, other groups have been found, such as the Independent Citizen Group for Aranjuez (ACIPA), whose spokesperson, Jesús Mario Blasco Blanco, also acknowledges in conversation with this wording that both he and his partner, Chema Belmonte, voted in favor. of the budgets of the PP and Citizens in “coherence” with their commitment to both parties. Blasco was also satisfied that the project includes “the basic lines” of the agreement that they sealed to support the PP-Citizens Government at the beginning of the legislature. “We want to increase collection without increasing taxes on residents,” he said, later recalling that the municipal auditor warned the groups that “not approving these budgets would mean 1.7 million more debt for residents.” As for the accusations made by the PSOE against the far-right mayor, Blasco Blanco believes that “if you have evidence, to prove it, but launching the accusations without evidence can be an infundy and plausible.” “They cannot be based on nothing,” he added.

The municipal corporation of Aranjuez is made up of eight councilors, five from the Popular Party and three from Citizens, who govern in a coalition without an absolute majority, the PSOE has eight councilors and United We Can, with two. The rest of the opposition is made up of the Initiative for Aranjuez (In-Par), the Independent Citizen Group for Aranjuez (ACIPA) and Vox, which each also have two councilors. These last two parties supported the investiture of María José Martínez de la Fuente.