Thursday, August 18

Decree No. 141 on land use in protected areas is demanded before the Supreme Court

El Environmental Incidence Center (Ciam) and seven other organizations presented to the Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ) a lawsuit against Executive Decree No. 141 on land use certifications in protected areas.

“We will ask that Executive Decree No. 141 be provisionally suspended and once the process is complete, declare it invalid as illegal,” he said. Joana Ábrego, acting legal del Ciam.

“The Ministry of the Environment in open violation of its powers as rector of the State in matters of protection, conservation, preservation and restoration of the environment and the sustainable use of natural resources, dictates Executive Decree No. 141 of 2021 and creates Certificates of Accreditation of Land Use in Protected Areas. This certificate, lacking technical justification, seeks to recognize rights of possession within the Protected Areas, opening the door to undetermined uses and therefore contrary to the objectives of creating these zones ”, indicates the Ciam and environmental groupings.

The other organizations that will accompany the demand are: the National Association for the Conservation of Nature (ANCON), Foundation for the Protection of the Sea (PROMAR), Sustainable Panama Foundation (PASOS), Foundation for Comprehensive Community Development and Conservation of Ecosystems of Panama (FUNDICCEP), Primates Panama Project, Asociación ADOPTA Bosque Panamá and the College of Biologists of Panama (CoBioPa).