Wednesday, October 20

Delays and diversions at the Tenerife North airport due to the ashes of the La Palma volcano

Up to five flights to the Tenerife North airport were affected on Thursday night after ash from the La Palma volcano was detected in the environment: one from Air Europa, one from Iberia Express and three from Vueling. These flights had to be diverted to Tenerife Sur airport.

The wind pushes the ash cloud over the east and north of La Palma

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The ash and sulfur cloud, which the previous day moved from the eruptive mouth to the east of La Palma, has put the two Tenerife airports on alert, as the Air Traffic Controllers advance in their Twitter account. “The two airports in Tenerife are currently operational but, as a precaution, some airlines delay or divert operations from Tenerife North to Tenerife South,” they explained.

For its part, La Palma airport was inoperative the previous day and this situation is expected to continue this Friday. “Probably the La Palma airport will not register commercial flight operations during this morning either due to the presence of the suspended ash cloud”, predicted the Controllers, waiting for it to be confirmed whether the runway will be operational or not. .

Until now, Binter and Canaryfly have suspended their connections with La Palma. In the case of Binter, the stoppage will continue, at least, until 1:00 p.m. this Friday.

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