Sunday, May 22

Delinquency of bank clients remains within “normal and acceptable” parameters, says the APC

The Panamanian Credit Association (APC) reported that the level of customer delinquency with banks is currently between 5.5% and 6%, and in other industries it is between 15% and 17%, despite the negative impact of the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) in the economy of the people, which shows that Panamanians remain vigilant of having a positive credit history.

According to the entity’s general manager, Giovanna Cardellicchio, this delinquency is within normal and acceptable parameters.

He said that there has been a behavior of clients to restart payments as their employment situation normalizes, which he described as a healthy outlook for the sector.

Cardellicchio He explained that as long as the government maintains the state of emergency due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the clients’ credit history cannot be affected.

“Law 156 of 2020 establishes that after 60 days after the state of emergency is lifted, delinquencies can begin to be reported, but that has an explanation that the same law indicates that the person must have taken advantage of a relief financial or to an agreement with the economic agent”, he pointed out Giovanna Cardellicchio.