Monday, September 26

Dell Technologies Drives Evolution of Modern Security and Support

In today’s world where you can “do anything from anywhere”, the PC is more than just a tool: it has become the key connection point for work and communication. Employees depend on it to collaborate and be productive, and any downtime is especially detrimental to business results.

New support services and security solutions from Dell Technologies improve the way IT leaders deliver a modern, smart, and secure PC experience for employees. The added features in ProSupport Suite for PC take advantage of artificial intelligence and continuous service approach to facilitate IT support and enable customization. With new endpoint security offerings, the industry’s most secure commercial PCs are even more so with new security verification offerings and additional protections at a lower level than the operating system.

ProSupport Suite for PC maximizes productivity and uptime with new features that customize and tailor IT support

According to a recent survey by Forrester Consulting, 70% of companies plan to increase their investment in remote labor in the next year. With ProSupport Suite for PC, IT managers can now customize and automate the way they support employees and optimize PCs. New features include:

Customizable IT management tools: With new update catalog management and deployment features, ProSupport Suite for PC is the first support service to give IT managers the ability to automatically update Dell BIOS, drivers, firmware and applications. and remote, and customize how those updates are grouped and managed.

Practical and personalized information for your PC fleet in one place: For the first time, IT managers can see the health, application experience and security scores of their entire fleet of Dell PCs at a glance. They can also use these scores over time to detect performance trends and take immediate action when needed, remotely, leveraging the personalized recommendations and utilization metrics provided by the AI ​​service support software from Dell Technologies.

Remote and custom workflows: By using a custom rules engine to define and organize remote repair workflows at scale, IT managers can also predetermine who automatically receives updates and how they are managed.

ProSupport Suite for PC features available to channel partners and their customers: Channel partners can take advantage of the full reach of our portal, tools, and AI-powered support from ProSupport Suite for PC. Partners can view and manage the support experience for multiple organizations with SupportAssist on TechDirect and have the option to leverage Dell Technologies expertise to overcome customer challenges on a case-by-case or fleet-wide basis.

“The IT role is more important than ever. While the mission remains the same (keeping employee productivity and systems running), logistics has become much more complicated, especially with the constant increase in the amount of data and opportunities at the edge. ” explained Doug Schmitt, president of services at Dell Technologies. “Our approach to IT support services leverages an AI-driven, adaptive, and continuous service foundation, and takes into account current realities and future customer needs. Ultimately, the new features are intended to help IT leaders see the future and stay ahead, while giving workforces around the world the ability to continue to collaborate and innovate without disruption. ” .

We double down with pioneering innovations in the sector for the smartest and safest range of commercial PCs on the market

The rapid shift to remote work, increased use of cloud applications, and new ways to address employee productivity needs have created new threat vectors at the endpoint. Every business is a target regardless of its location, industry or size, as threats are becoming more sophisticated and sometimes difficult to detect. According to recent data, 44% of organizations experienced at least one attack at the hardware or BIOS level in the last 12 months. For an endpoint security strategy to be effective, it must consider the entire attack surface, including supply chain hardware and firmware.

With Dell Trusted Devices features, Dell business PCs protect devices throughout the supply chain and device lifecycle. This comprehensive set of security solutions at a lower level and a higher level than that of the operating system leverages intelligence and helps companies avoid threats, detect them and respond to them with an intermediate time of detection (MTTD) and an improved intermediate response time (MTTR).

Dell Technologies leverages its leadership position with new security features including:

Intel Management Engine (ME) Verification, which provides this first-on-the-market function by verifying critical system firmware and detecting tampering, while maintaining a high level of system performance. The initial release of Intel ME Verification targets critical boot processes for system security and provides additional layers of security at a level lower than that of the operating system.

Dell Trusted Devices Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) integration, which gives customers complete visibility into critical security events at a lower level than the operating system through its Splunk dashboards. It allows a comprehensive analysis of the organization’s security status and, at the same time, makes it possible to obtain greater value from existing security investments.