Wednesday, December 8

Demonstration against Kais Saied’s “coup” in Tunisia

More than 3,000 people demonstrated this Sunday in Tunis, near the parliament headquarters, frozen for more than three months, to protest against President Kais Saied’s decision to claim full powers, denouncing a “coup.”

After months of political blockade and in the midst of a serious socio-economic and health crisis, Kais Saied on July 25 invoked an “imminent danger” to remove the prime minister, suspend the activities of Parliament and intervene the judiciary.

“Kais’s project is civil war,” the protesters shouted.

“The people want what you don’t want …” or “There is no dignity without freedom” were other slogans.

An impressive police device blocked all access to the parliament, located in the Bardo neighborhood, an AFP journalist confirmed.

“They closed all the roads, avenues, highways. After closing the state, Saied closed the institutions, the Constitution. He closed the country. He closed the Republic,” Jawhar Ben Mbarek, a specialist in constitutional law, criticized before the media. and figure of the Tunisian left.

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