Wednesday, March 22

Denazify Putin

There is a false flag war out there. Vladimir Putin’s troops massacre the citizens of Ukraine under their bombs.

The civilian population has no more protection than that of makeshift shelters while they wait for something or someone to stop this cruelty, this horror between resistance, flight and despair. Stay or flee.

Once again, the civilian population is defenseless in the face of an armed conflict, an invasion that, despite having been announced months ago by the intelligence services and hours and hours of televised diplomacy, seems to have taken by surprise all those who should have planned how protect Ukrainian civilians. “Always the civilians”, said Mikel Ayestaran in a tweet yesterday. They are always the ones under the bombs and are pointed at with guns. It is always the civilians, and very especially the boys and girls, who suffer the cursed wars of the bastards. It is well known that the civilian population is the center of the attacks, is part of the victory, that their fear, their panic, their nerves and their suffering is a determining weapon.

The protection of civilians during armed conflict is a fundamental pillar of international humanitarian law. However, until now, and seeing the images, listening to the testimonies, this time no one in the West has noticed this either. Left to her own devices again. The civilian population tries to overcome the panic and looks us in the eye. “We are alone”, said Zelensky this morning looking at the camera to add: “if you, respected European leaders, world leaders, leaders of the free world, do not help us today, if you do not provide real help to Ukraine, the war will knock on your door morning”. Rarely have the words of a leader reproduced with such accuracy and clarity the feelings and thoughts of his people.

Meanwhile, the Russian foreign minister is justifying the brutal attack by saying that his operation is to liberate the Ukrainian people from an oppressive government. To the same town that voted for the Zelensky government, the same town that Russian soldiers crush with their tanks and destroy their lives with missiles. The language of violence is not compatible with that of justice nor that of freedom, with that of democracy. It is the verb to negotiate that is conjugated with the word freedom.

Putin wants denazify Ukraine. He, who heads a government that has spent years eliminating discrepancies and imposing a regime full of suspicions and shadows that admits no opposition, dissidence or plurality. Since coming to power in 1999, paradoxically, the Russian leader has not stopped undertaking a process of gradual “nazification” in his own country and promoting it outside its borders. There are no new indications that Putin does not care about the right international law and democratic principles. Behind his figure there are countless complaints of serious human rights violations, as have been denouncing international human rights organizations such as Amnesty International.

Hundreds of reports and information that indicate how the Russian Federation has been repeating, in the last two decades, the same totalitarian pattern that aggravates its impunity and increases its influence: limitation of the rights to freedom of expression, association and meeting, persecution and imprisonment opponents, purging of the Administration, arbitrary arrests and repression of demonstrators, activists and journalists, legislative reforms aimed at expanding their power and lengthening their mandates and, of course, the dissemination of anti-human rights and pro-human rights rhetoric and thought. ultraconservative values ​​that serves to indoctrinate the extreme right around the world.

From the facts, it seems that Putin is closer to Nazification than denazification. It is not the path of democracy or freedom that the Russian president has been walking, rather the opposite. Already in 2004, Anna Politkovskaya, one of the voices most critical of the Putin government until she was shot to death two years later, wrote in an article in The Guardian which seems prescient almost 20 years later: “We are hurtling back into a Soviet abyss, into an information vacuum that portends death by our own ignorance. All we are left with is the Internet, where information is still freely available. For the rest, if you want to continue working as a journalist, it is total servility to Putin. Otherwise, it may be death, bullet, poison, or judgment…”

Otherwise (looking at the Ukraine) non-servileness can be an invasion, and hundreds of deaths, thousands of displaced people and millions of girls, boys, women and men threatened with death. It is a strange way to liberate a people, to declare war on it.