Friday, January 28

Denmark detects 183 cases of omicron in 48 hours

The State Serum Institute of Denmark has reported this Sunday the detection of 183 cases of the omicron variant of the coronavirus, something that the authorities have called “worrying”. This is more than triple the total number of suspected cases reported on Friday.

On the other hand, the United Kingdom has reported 86 new cases, bringing the total in the country to 246, as The New York Times reports.

In this way, general coronavirus infections continue to rise in Europe, which the World Health Organization has called the “epicenter” of the pandemic earlier this month. The World Health Organization (WHO) said this week that there is no doubt that the omicron variant of the coronavirus will spread, as the delta variant did, and has asked governments to carefully examine the data they collect within their borders. and assess their risks to take the appropriate containment measures.

“We can be sure that this variant will expand. Delta also started in one place and is now the predominant variant,” WHO spokesman Christian Lindmeier told reporters.