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Denmark has a political party made only with AI | Digital Trends Spanish

The next elections generals of Denmark in June 2023, they could have a new party that is called to revolutionize the polls and that will seek to capture the 15% of Danes who did not exercise their right to vote in the previous elections in 2019: the Synthetic Party.

What this conglomerate basically wants to do is use AI (artificial intelligence) through algorithms to collect the best proposals from the smallest Danish parties since the 1950s and thus make a single postulate.

Analyzing all the written publications of Denmark’s fringe parties since 1970, the Synthetic Party’s AI has devised a program that it believes represents “the political views of the common person,” one of the collective’s members, Asker, told AFP. Bryld Staunaes.

The party “takes its lead in an optimization analysis of the voting system in Denmark,” he said.

Some of the postulates of the Synthetic Party:

“It’s a way of mimicking and simulating the political process throughout the entire process, but in a direct confrontation of the legislative apparatus and political enforcement and organizing rights,” said Bryld Staunaes.

Among the party’s proposals is the introduction of a universal basic income of 100,000 crowns ($13,700) a month, more than double the average Danish salary.

The party also backs the addition of a UN Sustainable Development Goal 18 that would allow “humans and algorithms to co-exist more directly than they do now,” said Bryld Staunaes.

They are now in the process of over 20,000 signatures in order to be officially accepted as a party in the Danish political system.

“The idea… is to take this huge political and economic force (algorithms)… to try to inscribe it into the traditional political system,” said Bryld Staunaes.

Currently, “we have no way of really addressing humans and AI within a democratic environment,” he added.

People can directly interact with the party AI on the Discord messaging platform through chatbots. The party plans to hold its first election rally “for a human audience” in September.

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