Monday, October 3

Denmark to rent cells in Kosovo for foreign prisoners



Denmark will send around 300 non-EU prisoners to Kosovo. This territory, not recognized by Spain, has agreed to house inmates in its prisons that the Nordic State cannot take on due to the overcrowding of its penitentiary system.

In return, Denmark will pay a annual fee of 15 million euros and will also help finance your ecological transition. In total, starting in 2023, Kosovo will receive a total of 210 million euros over the next 10 years for the rental of the prison in Gjilan, about 50 kilometers from the capital, Pristina.

The agreement, which aims to ease tensions in the prison system of Denmark, has raised concern about the treatment that prisoners will receive.

To which the Danish authorities reply that convicts will be treated in the same way under Danish law. However, a 2020 US State Department report described situations of extreme violence among prisoners and even by staff, religious radicalism, corruption and lack of medical care.

Kosovo has between 700 and 800 cells empty throughout its territory. Of that number, up to 300 cells They will be aimed at convicted criminals from non-European Union countries who were to be deported from Denmark after their sentences.

“The inmates will not be high risk,” Kosovo Justice Representative Albulena Haxhiu said in a statement.

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