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Depressing and brutal: that’s how it was to record Friends: The Reunion | Digital Trends Spanish

This year marked the return of Friends, although the return was rather just a special show reminiscent of some aspects of the popular comedy series.

In any case, it was well received by the fans, since the space automatically transferred them to the most successful period of fiction.

The problem is that now we have known that recording that episode was not entirely easy for its protagonists. In conversation with the podcast Literally! With Rob Lowe, Jennifer Aniston talked about how difficult it was to film Friends: The Reunion.

Although the actress acknowledged that at one point she was excited to re-record with her former colleagues, once she arrived on set everything changed.

“I think it really depressed us a lot more than we expected because in your mind you think: Oh, this is going to be a lot of fun time travel. But it turns out that oh, it’s a bit difficult to travel back in time, ”said the actress.

HBO Max.

Aniston explained that the fact that the production lifted the set as it was when they stopped filming the original series helped little, actually sparking nostalgia among all the actors who filmed the special.

“Going back there is nostalgic in a way that’s also a bit melancholic, you know, because a lot of things have changed and we’ve all taken different paths, easy and some not so easy.”

Many of the cast members even ended up crying, due to this feeling of nostalgia that overwhelmed them, according to what the actress mentioned.

“It was brutal and you couldn’t turn it off either. There were cameras everywhere and I couldn’t stop crying. There was a time when we were all a puddle. Maybe David (Schwimmer) didn’t cry, I don’t think we’ve broken David. But even LeBlanc broke down at one point. You know, even Mr. Rudo fogged up a bit. ”

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