Friday, December 3

Deputy proposes law for salaries to be paid in Bitcoin in Brazil

A bold bill appeared in the Chamber of Deputies this Friday (5), with Deputy Luizão Goulart (Republicanos-PR) articulating that salaries can be partially paid in Bitcoin in Brazil.

Bitcoin is not yet recognized as a legal tender in Brazil and continues to be the target of discussions for a regulation, expected to take place in the coming months.

That’s because, recently, a commission approved a report, which will take to the plenary the vote to regulate the digital currency in the country, which, according to the author, would have the possibility of becoming possible to consume with technology in commerce.

But a new possibility to obtain Bitcoin could come into effect with the new proposal.

Deputy wants part of the salaries of employees in Brazil to be paid in Bitcoin

Bill 3908/2021 presented by Deputy Luizão Goulart this Friday to the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Deputies is another proposal for the sector of digital currencies, which has Bitcoin as its reference.

According to this proposed law, if approved in the future, part of the workers’ remuneration could be paid in Bitcoin, if they wanted to.

“It establishes that part of the worker’s remuneration may, optionally, be paid through cryptocurrencies.”

Remember that the proposal makes it clear that this would be optional and not mandatory, with employees freely choosing which percentage of payment (remuneration) in cryptocurrencies they wish to receive, and any imposition by the employer is prohibited by law. That is, there must be an agreement between both parties about the remuneration.

They will be able to receive with Bitcoin workers from the private sector and public servants, from the three governmental spheres.

If a worker chooses to receive in Bitcoin, he must expressly do so before his employer or public administration. If approved, the law must enter into force within ninety days of its publication.

“The fourth digital revolution has started and we have to adapt”, justified deputy

In justification of the bill, Deputy Luizão Goulart recalled that money is a great invention of society, which has allowed for a series of innovations throughout history.

However, money today can be freely used by the world, which was not possible before. With innovations like the internet, for example, many situations have evolved and cryptocurrencies are part of this movement.

Luizão recalled that Bitcoin was created at the height of the 2008 crisis as a decentralized system and without a central control unit. Thus, the deputy believes that his proposal is in line with this modernity, it is important that workers receive their wages with the cryptocurrencies they deem relevant, such as Bitcoin and others.

Finally, he recalled that the Fourth Digital Revolution has already started and it is up to everyone to adapt to the movement, making everyday life easier for the entire population.

“The “Fourth Digital Revolution” is already a Global reality. It is only up to us to adapt, reinvent and progress along this wonderful path of Modernity, aiming to establish a Global Economy that facilitates the daily lives of citizens and, above all, provides a good quality of life for all.”

It is worth remembering that a bill similar to this one is being processed in Argentina, which even counts on the support of the president of that country, which is experiencing a crisis in inflation, as well as Brazil, which has had a delicate situation in recent months and Bitcoin continues to register a great appreciation, carrying out the protection of assets of people who believed in technology.

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