Friday, March 24

Deputy Salma Luévano demands justice from the Tabasco Prosecutor for the transfeminicide of Dayana

TABASCO.- The federal deputy Salma Luévano Luna went to the Attorney General of the State of Tabasco to demand justice for Dayana Karrington, a trans woman beaten to death on January 5 in the municipality of Cárdenas.

After holding a meeting with prosecutor Nicolás Bautista Ovando, in which activists from the LGBT community participated, they agreed to begin the creation of an agenda to correctly quantify and classify hate crimes against the community.

“I will not allow one more, in any corner, I am afraid to sometimes open the platforms so as not to find out about this news, I do not want to be the next and that is why I struggle to say enough is enough,” she said.

He stressed that what happened to Dayana is a reflection of the dangers that trans people and those with a sexual orientation other than straight still face, so it is necessary to give them a voice.

Dayana’s body was found in an abandoned property, but although the neighbors heard cries for help at dawn, no one helped her. His face was disfigured by the blows he received.

“I came to meet with the prosecutor, who is a very sensitive man with whom we will work hand in hand on these issues and has just promised to give me an answer soon in this transfeminicide that should not go unpunished,” said the legislator.

The first legislator for the rainbow quota explained that her great commitment is to fight for the rights of her trans sisters and in general for those who still experience violence and discrimination.

In this sense, he regretted the attitude that deputy Gabriel Quadri assumes against the community because hate speech is the prelude to these crimes.

Luevano Luna commented that the meetings with the head of the FGE will continue in the near future and it will surely be possible to advance in the demand of the groups that hate crimes and transfeminicides be criminalized.