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Desigual workers endorse the four-day working day with a salary reduction

Desigual will implement a four-day-a-week shift in its offices with a salary reduction included. This has been decided by the workers to whom this proposal was intended, the 502 who are at the Barcelona headquarters and who have endorsed the proposal with 86% of favorable votes (a minimum of 66% was needed) in a vote held this Thursday.

Díaz rejects the “rigidity” of the four-day work week and advocates other ways of flexible hours

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The textile firm based in Barcelona and more than 400 stores around the world launched the proposal at the beginning of September, a modification of the working conditions that was proposed for the 502 employees of the offices they have in the Catalan capital, not for the other workers in their clothing stores.

The conditions put on the table by the company were to spend from five to four working days a week, one of which teleworking, a reduction from 39.5 hours per week to 34.5. But with an associated salary reduction of 6.5% of the salary. Desigual claimed, being the hourly reduction of 13%, this means that its cost is shared 50% between the staff and the company.

The UGT union warned, however, that the plans to move towards a four-day working day, including those proposed by the More Country party and which the Government is studying, in no case include a reduction in wages. In addition, this union warns that they are willing to denounce the process of modifying the working conditions of Desigual because they understand that a vote and not a collective bargaining violates the Workers’ Statute, something that the firm denies.

The company is not currently at its best. After touching 1,000 million in turnover in 2014, Desigual progressively fell to 589 in 2019 and 360 in 2020, the toughest year of the pandemic. Spokesmen for the firm do not deny the complicated situation, but they do deny that this proposal for new working hours serves to reduce costs.

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