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Desokupa spreads the hoax of the expulsion of an old woman from her apartment to harass a migrant tenant

Daniel Esteve, owner of the Desokupa eviction company, has participated in the expansion of a hoax about a false Moroccan squatter who had expelled Carmen, an 89-year-old woman whom he cared for, from her home, knowing that it was not true , as published this Friday by El País. In reality, the Police maintain that the young woman has not committed any irregularity and it is a conflict between the old woman and the owner of the apartment for having rented the house. The 26-year-old girl has received threats and racist comments after her information was released.

The conflict over the apartment, located near the Plaza Mayor in Madrid, originated from Carmen’s sublease to the young Moroccan. The girl began living in the apartment in 2017 after coming to Spain to study Hispanic Philology in a joint program at the Complutense and the Sorbonne in Paris. He paid a rent of 400 euros for a room to Carmen, who is not the owner of the apartment but an old rent tenant who pays 121.5 euros with a contract that expressly prohibits re-renting it, according to El País after accessing the documentation. The owner of the apartment lives in Bilbao and, according to the girl’s lawyer, she collected Carmen’s rent while she in turn sublet a room to different people, something that the old woman’s family denies.

In 2019, Carmen went to live in her brother’s apartment, according to the captures of WhatsApp messages between the woman and the tenant. Two years later, in 2021, the owner saw that the name on the mailbox was not Carmen’s and sent a burofax in April announcing her intention to terminate the contract unless she proved that there were no tenants. The answer, dated May, was that only his granddaughters and a friend of hers entered that apartment: “They are young women who when they go out on weekends and, because they live far from the center, find it more comfortable to sleep with me in my home”.

In August, four of Carmen’s relatives told the tenant that she should leave because they were going to move there with her grandmother. First they gave him a month, but after it took him to find another home, they lost patience. On August 10, the police took the keys to the apartment from Carmen’s daughter-in-law and the young woman stayed at home because she had a valid title. At that moment the hoax begins: a granddaughter of the old woman called the number of complaints of Telemadrid and, after a recommendation to go to Desokupa, contacted them and they offered their services free of charge.

The company knows the version of the Police because the agents explained the situation to Daniel Esteve and his lawyer, according to police sources explained to El País. Despite this, they have not rectified and have even published data and stolen images of her, who has been receiving death threats and racist insults since the family began their campaign.

Last Saturday OKDiario already published that the police investigation pointed to an interest on the part of Carmen’s family. Four days later, on Wednesday, Desokupa organizes a rally in front of the house: “Carmen from Spain is not alone,” Esteve says in the video to spread the call. In tweet they insist on calling her “squat”.

“Desokupa didn’t care about the truth”

The young woman’s lawyer, Pablo Galdón, explained in an interview on Cadena SER that she is now “calmer” because “the truth is emerging and the threats and insults” she has received since Desokupa “facilitated your data illegal “. At first they went to the apartment, even identifying themselves as property lawyers, despite the fact that Carmen is a tenant, as detailed in statements to the SER.

“My client is the one who has always called the Police in the face of harassment from Carmen’s family. When the Police came, the first time they realized what the reality was and informed the family that they could not go there (.. .) Desokupa has heard since then that the Police are clear about the story, the one that now comes to light, but they have not cared. The truth has not mattered to them. They have wanted to seek their advantage by playing with the feelings of the citizens and playing with Doña Carmen “, has expressed.

A hoax that stirred xenophobia

Vox echoed this hoax to stir xenophobia. “It is intolerable that they imprison Spaniards for defending their home and give legal protection to those who violate property. We will not rest until Spain is the last place where a criminal would come,” they wrote on Twitter from the party’s official account.

Víctor Sánchez del Real, a deputy from the extreme right wing formation, was one of those who used Carmen’s case: “I remember that when I went up to the state of Congress to defend homeowners, the leftists came out in a rush to attack me. Do you remember, Gabriel Rufián? I want you to see this video, “he said, adding an interview with the old woman in which he said that the squatted house had been found after returning from the hospital. This Friday he argued that he limited himself to putting his speech in parliament with the defense of the owner, “whoever it is.”

Desokupa’s new intimidation strategy

For some time now, to achieve his goals Desokupa no longer only uses the presence of hypermuscular men at the doors of a home. Now he also uses social networks, where he accumulates hundreds of thousands of followers, to intimidate, as we have in

The leader of this company has ended up becoming famous at the dawn of morning programs such as that of Ana Rosa, on Telecinco, or that of Susanna Griso, on Antena 3, where he has appeared live on dozens of occasions explaining his most controversial performances. His followers have risen like foam thanks to these programs and now he is flying alone. He currently defines himself in his web page as an “influencer”.

From these accounts he is dedicated to publishing the faces of the squatters he wants to expel to exert pressure on them. Sometimes he also reveals his full name, the municipality in which they live or even their telephone numbers and asks his followers to flood him with calls. It also shoots racist, transphobic and sexist messages and shows support for far-right initiatives and journalists.

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