Friday, August 12

Despite restrictions, meat exports grew 24.7%

“As a consequence of the positive trend in prices, in the comparison of September of last year there was a significant increase, of 24.7% in the value obtained, which resulted from the opposite sign year-on-year of 7.7% in the exported volumes “, he pointed.

Argentine exports of beef in the last twelve months were located in volumes close to 873 thousand tons, equivalent to 2,730 million dollars. The average FOB price per ton was just over $ 9,000 for chilled boneless cuts, and close to $ 5,600 for frozen cuts.

“These prices have been 22.7% higher than those registered during the ninth month of 2020 for chilled cuts and 45% in the case of frozen cuts,” the report said.

China was the main destination in volume during the first nine months of the year, with approximately 325 thousand tons, followed by Chile, with 26,100 and Israel with 25,200.

According to the amount of foreign currency entered, the main market was China, which represented, between January and September, 60% of the total exported value of chilled, frozen and processed beef, followed by Israel, with 8.5%, and Chile, with 8.1%.

For the IPCVA, “The dependence on the Chinese market for Argentine beef exports has become decisive, and in the last month of September 2021, they were more than 35.6 thousand tons that represented approximately 65% ​​of shipments. Israel, with 4.7 thousand tons, became the second most important destination, in terms of volumes, in September 2021.