Monday, May 29

Despite the pandemic and the rains, onion production grew in Panama

In recent years, onion production in Panama has improved by 89%, which represents 225,474 quintals and a growth rate of 17.7%, despite the pandemic and the weather conditions that hit many producing regions of this bulb in the country.

These figures are derived from the 2020-2021 agricultural closure report, which was prepared by the Directorate of Agriculture of the Ministry of Agricultural Development (Mida), published through a note from the institution.

The largest production of this item is carried out in the provinces of Chiriquí, Coclé, Herrera and Los Santos, and in this last agricultural cycle an increase was obtained, compared to the previous year of 170,586 quintals, which represents 54.3%; In the same way, the harvested area and the participation of the producers show important growth in the five-year period, thanks to the efforts of the Government of Cortizo Cohen, to restore the confidence of the onion growers so that they continue producing and do not abandon the field.

Too this productive boost of onion has allowed to satisfy the local demand, guarantee the sale of national production and thus avoid unnecessary imports.

The indicators of recent years indicate that in the 2020-2021 agricultural cycle, the production in quintals of onion was 484,225; improving that of 2019-2020 (313,669), 2018-2019 (291,018), that of 2017-18 (341,029) and 2016-17 (252,391). The number of producers (482) for this item also increased this year; as well as the planted area (891 hectares) and the harvested area (878 hectares).

In this last agricultural cycle, Panamanian producers were affected by the rise in inputs, freight products to transport fertilizers, due to the coronavirus pandemic, which caused many ports to close operations. In addition, intense rains caused flooding and losses in the crops of many onion growers.

It should be noted that the producers of Coclé promote drip irrigation technology in order to increase surface and production, based on the exchange of experience with producers from Azuero, which has allowed them this year, better results and to position itself as the second province that 17% of national production, exceeds by Chiriquí (73% ).

The province of Chiriquí is the maximum producer of onion in this last agricultural cycle with 16,056,632 quintals, followed by Coclé (3,746,501 quintals) and Herrera (3,746,501 quintals) and Los Santos (810,246 quintals), according to data from the report, provided by the Agricultural Directorate.