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Destiny’s Nerf Gjallarhorn Rocket Launcher Is Giant | Digital Trends Spanish

game fans destiny 2 now they will have the opportunity to experiment with the mega giant blaster nerf rocket launcher, Gjallarhorn.

The Bungie studio has already announced a presale for the gadget: advance orders for the 1:1 scale blaster over 4 feet long will start on July 7 at 10am PT / 1pm ET, with existing Gjallarhorn owners earning dibs. If you’re looking to purchase the prop-grade Nerf LMTD blaster, you need to unlock it in-game in the 30th Anniversary Bundle. destiny 2 bungie before 7 of July at 9am PT before you can join the “virtual waiting room” for your purchase. So, you have just over a week. If any remain, Bungie will make them available for purchase beginning July 21.

The price has gone up $25 with no explanation. It will now be $185 instead of the $160 Bungie announced last December.

In a bigger reveal on the Bungie websitethe designers have clarified that you’ll load a shell that houses three of Nerf’s big Mega darts, and you’ll see all three of those Mega darts pop out of the barrel simultaneously.

“With that projectile, we’re firing three of those MEGA darts at once, which gives you that visual feel of the Wolfpack rounds spinning and flying through the air toward their target,” says Nerf Senior Project Engineer Justin Saccone.

It was also mentioned what the reloading system would be:

“We wanted to integrate how it reloads into the game so that the entire top casing of the Blaster moves forward, opens the loading bay like it does in the game, places the projectile just like the animation, and then pulls it back and be ready to unleash a burst of three MEGA darts, which is super impressive. It’s the first time at NERF that we’ve made an easily reloadable MEGA dart projectile that fires multiple MEGA darts at once.”

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