Saturday, January 22

Detection of irregularities increases during Acodeco Christmas operation

The Consumer Protection and Competition Defense Authority (Acodeco) has drawn up 323 minutes with anomalies, to different economic agents throughout the country, during the 10 days of the Christmas operation.

Until December 15, the irregularities found by the verifiers were 213 due to offenses against Law 45 of 2007, on consumer protection; 53 for the veracity of the advertising; 22 for non-compliance with discounts for retirees, pensioners and the elderly (Law 6 of 1986); 11 breaches of Executive Decree 165 of 2014 (price control), and 24 for the Executive Decree 114 of 2020 (margins of commercialization of products of greater use in the pandemic).

In the attention modules installed in the main shopping centers, 805 assistances have been given to consumers; 272 advisory services to economic agents; 39 complaints were received, of which 19 were resolved immediately for a total amount of $ 3,189.95; 11 cash returns were achieved for a total of $ 1,863.99; 47 complaints from different buyers were addressed and 6,982 informative materials on consumer issues were delivered.

The second phase of Acodeco’s Christmas operation ends on December 23.

Commercial establishments, such as mini-supermarkets, supermarkets, warehouses, hardware stores, toy stores, among others, are visited in order to monitor compliance with consumer protection regulations.

Expired and damaged products have been recalled; irregularities in the prices displayed and marked on the scanners; lack of prices at sight; advertising without start date and end date, among other anomalies.

Consumers are reminded that any complaint or complaint can be submitted through the virtual assistant Sindi, through WhatsApp and Telegram 6330-3333, the AcodecoPma social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and the website. Reports are anonymous, but must describe the faults, the name and exact location of the business establishment.