Wednesday, October 4

Detectives in search of “picaresque and abuse” in casualties after positive tests in covid

agencies of detectives from Palma de Majorca have recorded a large increase in requests from companies to investigate casualties due to covid and they have detected numerous cases of “picaresque and abuse”. Many of these low processed through the internet and with a test carried out at the pharmacy, without an in-person appointment with the doctor. Some of these cases were flagrant frauds, but above all it has been proven that many of the supposedly asymptomatic patients extended the leave period as much as possible, and at the same time they carried out contraindicated activities, such as walks, sports and trips.

According to Juan Carlos Cabanach, director of the Cabanach Agency, during the last weeks have received about 40% more orders from companies to control some of its employees who were discharged after testing positive for covid, even though they were asymptomatic.

Researchers have found some cases of flagrant fraud, such as that of a construction company worker who was subjected to surveillance because he was on sick leave due to covid, and it was found that during the time he was supposedly convalescing he was working on the construction of a garage, without a contract or license, and doing unfair competition to the company that had hired him. The man was fired withering after the report of the investigators.

Another case detected it was that of an employee who took a long leave of absence and called the company pretending to be in very bad shape and explaining that he was waiting for him to be hospitalized. A follow-up to his social networks allowed to verify that he had been going out on a daily basis.

Frauds like this, explains Juan Carlos Cabanach, are in the minority. However, they have detected many abusive behaviors, of employees who take leave despite being asymptomatic and then not only do not respect the isolation measures, but also carry out contraindicated activities, such as sports, walks or trips.

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There have also been cases of people who, after testing positive, lengthened the discharge unjustifiably.

Most of these abuses would probably not be grounds for dismissal, but they are reprimandable behaviors by companies.