Friday, September 24

Detract and pyrocumulus

Pedro Sánchez has announced that today the Council of Ministers will approve measures to “detract” significant amounts of money from “windfall” from energy companies to “redirect to the consumer.” We do not know what exactly “detract” means in this context. Asked by Carlos Franganillo on TVE, Sánchez for now has only specified that these measures involve “hitting the price of gas.” Detract, bump. We wait for more details today to see the depth of the decision. The PP has already said that Venezuela.

A streak in jeopardy. Negotiations to raise the Interprofessional Minimum Wage are getting complicated and, if they fail, the streak of consensual reforms between the Government and social agents during the pandemic will be cut. Vice President Yolanda Díaz assures that the one who blocks an immediate rise in the SMI is Nadia Calviño and leave the ball on the PSOE roof. Pedro Sánchez has made it clear that the SMI will rise even if there is no agreement with the employer. Entrepreneurs, under a lot of pressure from the right For agreeing to reforms with the Government, this time it does not look like they are going to support the initiative.

  • ‘Social shield’. The Government has extended the (theoretical) Suspension of evictions and the prohibition of cuts in energy supplies due to non-payment in vulnerable families. It benefits more than a million people. The PP, which had voted against in previous votes, this time has said yes.

Fires 6.0

In my life I had heard that there were different generations of fires, much less that we go for number six. And suddenly everyone mentions that the fires that we are seeing these days from Greece to Malaga are “sixth generation fires” related to climate change that “develop their own atmosphere” and give rise to pyrocumulus that cause rains of fire. We try to explain all this and how the nature of fire has evolved as landscapes and temperatures change.

The chiquilicuatres

We were talking about Esperanza Aguirre’s Goya painting and the former president has decided that it was a good day to say something controversial: she assures that she is betting on Ayuso to lead the party in Madrid and that in the leadership of the PP there is a lot of “chiquilicuatre” trying to tangle to avoid it. The number 2 of Pablo Casado, the one who would be the head of the chiquilicuatres, has responded: “What destroyed the PP in Madrid was corruption.” We already have a war, with sides What Aitor Riveiro explains today, and it can take months because the nomination process in theory does not open until next year. Ayuso has already said that she wants. Married does not want her with so much power.


Do not pass

  • Going down. The incidence of the coronavirus falls 15 points after a weekend with 7,804 new cases and 103 deaths. Madrid lifts the next Monday the restrictions of the hotel and leisure industry.
  • He passed. If you are interested in the ideological ups and downs in Latin America, you will be interested these keys about the bitter defeat that Peronism has suffered in Argentina.
  • You Oughta Know. Canadian singer Alanis Morrisette has counted that she was raped by several men at the age of 15. He has not given names, but has regretted that people in the music industry who had knowledge did nothing. He had just signed his first music contract.


Everything is politics

  • American lifestyle. Americans die more than Europeans. At all ages, from baby to retirement, you have a better chance of dying if you were born in the US. Almost all European countries, including Spain and Largo, have a life expectancy of more than 80 years. In the US they do not exceed 79. And not counting the pandemic. Why? It is not clear, but there are several reasons pushing: private possession of weapons, more dependence on the car for transport, the public health system is a disaster … Official data here (in English). AND The World Order map.
  • Silicon Evil. Google, Facebook or Twitter were tools to do good that transformed society to make it more horizontal, more shared, better. We believed that when they were born. That perception has changed and now many IT developers (who, in fact, have the privilege of being able to choose where to work because there is a lot of demand) are beginning to feel uncomfortable in some unethical companies. Here they speak.
  • Rayo Vallecano It is a nice team for many people on the left, whether they live in Vallecas, Chamberí or beyond Madrid. It is striking how a neighborhood team, known for its social connection with a working class hobby with fairly clear political values, has had such unrepresentative directives. Now the club is chaired by a businessman who invites Abascal to the box and doubts the official figures of the pandemic. And before this, there was the Ruiz Mateos family. A report.

Done for today. Tomorrow we read each other again.

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