Sunday, July 3

Developers of vaccines against COVID-19, Princess of Asturias Award for Research

Seven of the researchers who developed some of the vaccines against covid-19 have obtained today the Princess of Asturias Award for Scientific and Technical Research 2021 to which forty-eight candidates from seventeen nationalities chose.

The distinguished scientists are Hungarian biologist Katalin Karikó ((Vice President of BioNTech RNA Pharmaceuticals); American immunologist Drew Weissman (University of Pennsylvania); German doctors Ugur Sahin and Özlem Türeci (founders of BioNTech); Canadian biologist Derrick Rossi (founder of BioNTech) de Moderna); British vaccinologist Sarah Gilbert (University of Oxford) and American biochemist Philip Felgner (University of California).

Last year the award went to the four mathematicians whose research supported the digital age: the French Yves Meyer and Emmanuel Candès, the Belgian Ingrid Daubechies and the Australian Terence Tao. The 2021 candidacy has been proposed by Peter Lawrence, 2007 Prince of Asturias Award for Scientific and Technical Research.

“The year 2020 began with the start of a pandemic that changed daily life and the world economy and closed with an extraordinary demonstration of the ability of science to deal with the problem, with the first vaccines against the SARS-CoV coronavirus -2, the cause of the COVID-19 pandemic “, justifies the jury. “Independently, they have contributed to the development of some of the vaccines approved to date, all of them based on different strategies, which have protein S as a common target,” they say about them. The Princess of Asturias Awards ceremony is usually held in Oviedo in the second half of October.