Thursday, January 27

DGI files second criminal complaint for alleged tax fraud, valued at $ 13 million

The director of the General Directorate of Income of Panama (DGI), Publio De Gracia, presented before the Public Ministry the second complaint against a business for alleged tax fraud.

“This is the second complaint for possible tax fraud presented to DGI within the framework of the new law of 2019, which establishes that any tax fraud above $ 300,000 constitutes a crime. The fraud that we are presenting if all the periods that have been investigated are added together is at the moment $ 13 million, therefore, we are delivering the file to the Public Ministry so that it can follow due process in the corresponding investigations, “said De Funny.

The director of the DGI pointed out that the period that they have investigated about the company is that of 2019 and 2020, and said that they could only anticipate that it is a taxpayer dedicated to trade and that he could not reveal the name because it is a active investigation and due process and the presumption of innocence are respected.

De Gracia announced that through audits and his lawyers have found signs of possible fraud by the company and therefore have filed the complaint.

Meanwhile, the head of Tax Evasion and Fraud of the DGI, Lilia Sáez, It indicated that some 100 companies in the country are being investigated for possible evasion and fraud, which may be below $ 300,000 or above this amount and being above this would already lead to the presentation of the complaint before the Public Ministry.

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