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Diablo II: Resurrected, first impressions | Digital Trends Spanish

Diablo II it’s not just the RPG Hack and Slash with which Blizzard culminated its golden age, it is one of the games that has become part of history and mark a genre. Now, more than 20 years after its launch, Diablo II: Resurrected takes us back to its caves, dungeons and catacombs in this remake with which it also premieres on video consoles.

I have been able to play this renewed title for a few hours in its version for Nintendo Switch, a format that differs greatly from the PC on which I played back in the year 2000. I will tell you below what my first impressions have been.

The graphics have been renewed and both on the television and on the Switch laptop they look really good (taking into account that they retain the essence of the original, of course). Blizzard has also redone all the cinematics of the game for this new version, something that is greatly appreciated especially when viewed on the big screen.

On the other hand, the controls have been adapted to the console format, which in theory makes it easier to play on these platforms, but actually in my first hours of play I still feel that the title is made to be played on PC and that with the controller it is makes it more complicated to handle.

As for the development of the story, the original title is completely maintained, so we are going to find the same missions, places and enemies to face. In this sense, it is a real delight for nostalgic people, but going back to 2021, the game has an online mode that due to some technical problems reported by Blizzard itself, I have not had the opportunity to connect.

Like in Diablo II, at the beginning we have to choose the class of our character between seven different options: Amazon, Assassin, Necromancer, Barbarian, Paladin, Sorceress and Druid. All these classes have a total of 30 unique abilities of each, which also implies that there are weapons that only certain classes can use (such as the Sorceress’s scepter or some Assassin knives).

The story begins in the Sanctuary (also known as the mortal world), where we are after the defeat of Diablo in the first game. The story takes place in four acts, the first taking place in the Harpy Camp and the fields around an old monastery. Fierce battles against monsters, two lesser demons, and two of the three Fundamental Evils begin throughout the four acts.

It is possible to select different game modes. The first is Hierarchy mode, with which we can compete with other players. Then there is the Unconditional mode with which if you die you do not return (if you are a beginner better not start with this) and the Classic mode, which allows a comparison of before and after in real time with the classic game.


That this remake being so faithful to the original can be a plus for some, but personally there are things that I think could have been improved without the need for the game to be modified. For example, Blizzard was able to make inventory easier to manage and storage less limited. It was also able to save us the cumbersome task of having to go into the menu to select skills, rather than having a quick access to do it directly.

In short, if you have played in the past and were a fan of the game, this is definitely remake Risen you will love it and you can enjoy it for hours. However, for those who started with Devil 3 (which was criticized for straying too far from 2, but surpassed this one in many points) or for those who have never played, I don’t think it’s that interesting a priori.

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