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Diana Morant, a young telecommunications engineer with a political career for the Ministry of Science and Innovation

The until now mayor of Gandia, Diana Morant, assumes the portfolio of Science and Innovation of the Government of Pedro Sánchez. Morant (Gandia, 1980) is a telecommunications engineer and a socialist attached to the Ximo Puig sector of the Valencian Socialists. The young minister grew up between the Gandian neighborhood of Korea and the local beach. Now his political life moves from the capital of the La Safor region to the capital of the Kingdom of Spain. And she becomes, incidentally, the first direct interlocutor of the president of the Generalitat Valenciana in the central Executive. Until now, Sánchez’s initial distance with Puig since the traumatic episodes of the resignation and subsequent victory in the primaries of the PSOE leader had left the main socialist baron without visible weight in the Government of Spain.

The young minister, “accessible, friendly and serious when she plays”, according to socialist sources, worked in the R&D department as a development engineer at the company Alhena Ingeniería before entering politics.

Two historical members of the party in Gandia very close to Ximo Puig (cousins ​​José Manuel Orengo, currently in the private company, and Alfred Boix, regional secretary for Institutional Promotion) sponsored the political career of the new minister when, after several years exercising her career Professional as an engineer, Diana Morant ran for the candidacy of the PSPV-PSOE of Gandia in the local elections of May 24, 2011, in which she ranked fifth. As a councilor of the opposition, Morant fought against the popular mayor Arturo Torró until four years later she obtained the support of the councilors of her party, of Més Gandia (Compromís’s candidacy) and of a mayor of Ciudadanos, thus managing to snatch the mayoral to PP.

A year earlier, Orengo had given him command in the general secretariat of the PSPV-PSOE of Gandia. Since then, the figure of Morant has been obtaining stripes in a very close relationship with the president of the Generalitat, one of those who wins in the remodeling of the Pedro Sánchez Government, by acquiring more political weight after the departure of José Luis Ábalos, the other heavyweight of the Valencian Socialists, totally loyal to Sánchez and also leaving the PSOE Organization Secretariat.

Morant was also a deputy in the provincial corporation of Valencia until her resignation in 2017. In the last municipal elections, the socialist was the most voted candidate and revalidated the mayoralty thanks to the votes of Compromís-Més Gandia Unida at the head of a local government of coalition.

In addition to being first mayor, the new minister has been responsible for the Smart City area of ​​the City Council and has stood out for her will to promote Gandia as a smart city, with the launch of the ‘Smart Office’ and the request to join the Network Spanish of Smart Cities.

Morant has rejected the “madrileñophobia” felt by some residents of the town, and the entire Valencian coast, in the face of the massive arrival of tourists from the capital to the Mediterranean beaches during the most critical periods of COVID-19. I do not share the madrileñophobia. Any visitor who comes to Gandia and becomes ill with coronavirus, will be treated as he deserves “, declared on Cadena Ser. Precisely on the management of the health crisis in a tourist municipality such as Gandia, Morant has shown his chest for his management and has ensured that the city council has not generated “not a penny of debt” during 2020.

Valencian-speaking and with a medium level of English, according to his official resume from the Gandia City Council, Morant replaces astronaut Pedro Duque at the head of the Science and Innovation business, who despite the importance of his portfolio in the midst of the health crisis of COVID- 19 has maintained a rather discreet profile. The mayor of Gandia now faces the challenge of promoting science and research in times of pandemic.

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