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Did North Korea Really Shoot Someone For The Squid Game? | Digital Trends Spanish

A serious situation could have occurred in North Korea: a man was shot for bringing into the country, illegally, copies of The squid game.

The information came through Radio Free Asia, an American news portal owned by a government agency. According to the report, the man sentenced to death sold USB sticks containing the episodes of the series; among the buyers would be students, who would also have received sentences.

One of them is said to have been sentenced to life imprisonment, while the others received five years of forced labor. The latter did not buy the USB stick but used the first student’s, which would explain their reduced sentences.

Meanwhile, the teachers and authorities of the school have been fired from their work, since the students saw the series during a class.

What’s really up with the Squid Game in North Korea

Although Netflix does not exist in North Korea, the authorities have ruled on The Squid Game. In October, the Arirangmeari site – controlled by the North Korean government – He spoke about the series and said that it is nothing more than a critique of South Korean society and its capitalist model.

Now, the question that remains in the air is about the veracity of these reports. It is difficult to know for sure what is happening in North Korea, and it can also be difficult to trust information that comes from government media in adversary countries, such as Radio Free Asia.

In the past, there have also been reports of government action against people who consume media originating outside of North Korea. But that information, by the way, has also come from anonymous sources from the same Radio Free Asia.

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