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Did the nightmare return? Wuhan detects new infections | Digital Trends Spanish

After a year, Wuhan has again detected positive cases of COVID-19. There are three infected and five asymptomatic cases.

Because of this, the Chinese city has announced a mass testing campaign among its population, which reaches 11 million inhabitants.

These would be the first cases detected in the city where the current coronavirus pandemic is presumed to have originated. The last ones dated back to June 2020.

According to a document published by the local health commission, the authorities have determined to keep the Zhuankou neighborhood, now considered medium risk, confined.

It is likely that the Delta variant is responsible for these new infections. However, the authorities believe that the vaccination rate and the experience accumulated in the last year will prevent an escalation at the country level.

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For now, the situation seems to be under control, in fact, the Asian giant reported only 61 cases by local transmission, 45 of them from the eastern province of Jiangsu.

Thus, the total number of active infections in mainland China amounts to 1,157. Of them, 24 are in serious condition, according to the data provided by the National Health Commission.

Regarding vaccination, in China there are already 223 million people fully vaccinated. It should be remembered that 1,400 million people live in the country.

Finally, the Chinese health authorities recommend closely monitoring what is happening in Wuhan to rule out that these new cases may lead to a more serious situation, especially considering the long period that the city went without positive cases.

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