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Did you call the number that appears in The Squid Game? | Digital Trends Spanish

In a short time, The Squid Game became one of the favorite series by users on Netflix.

South Korean fiction shows a group of people who participate in a macabre game where they must risk their lives to qualify for a millionaire prize.

In the series a mysterious name appears who distributes cards with an eight-digit telephone number, to those who wish to participate in the contest.

So far so good, that is, at least within fiction. The problem is that that phone number does exist in real life and belongs to someone who is not happy with it at all.

This annoying situation began when some viewers of the series called the number, just to find out if someone answered on the other side.


And on the other side, a 40-year-old man always answered, whose identity is not known. The affected person pointed out that at the beginning there were few calls, but now he has counted more than 4 thousand calls a day and hundreds of text messages.

According to the man, many of the people call saying that they also want to play the game that appears in the series.

“I had never seen The Squid Game, but I thought it was just a spam call. I only found out about the fact that my number was in the series because someone who called me told me, “he told the South Korean media MBC

But not everything has been negative. Huh Kyung-young, honorary head of the National Revolutionary Party and aspiring to the presidency of South Korea, offered 100 million won (about $ 85,000) to the owner to buy the phone number.

In addition, from the production of the series they affirmed that they will contact the affected person to try to resolve this situation in a friendly way.

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