Saturday, October 16

Diego Corbalán ‘Magius’, author of ‘Primavera para Madrid’, wins the National Comic Award

The Ministry of Culture announced on Wednesday its decision to award Diego Corbalán, known as Magius, for his work ‘Primavera para Madrid’ (Autsaider Comics), the National Comic Award, a recognition that has existed since 2007 and that has helped to give prestige to this narrative medium of artistic expression in recent years. The jury has chosen this work “for the courage and richness of its plot proposal and its lyrical and surgical approach to problems such as political and business corruption.”

In addition, the members of the jury have emphasized that in his work, “fiction and reality are mixed through events and superbly constructed and woven characters. A work in form, substance and edition, coherent, risky and, above all, honest”.

Magius is a Murcian artist born in 1981. He is an illustrator, draftsman and screenwriter. He began editing fanzines in 1998 with the titles DD / DT, Black Methal, Clásicos Caninos or Hammon. In addition to Primavera para Madrid, he is the author of the graphic novels Murcia (2015) and The Gemini Method (2018).

The award, endowed with 20,000 euros, was inaugurated with the award to the Mallorcan cartoonist Max and in its last edition it was received by Javier de Isusi for his work Oscar Wilde’s divine comedy. In these years, authors of historical travel such as Felipe Hernández Cava, Miguelanxo Prado, Antonio Altarriba or Kim, have received this award, along with others of prestige recognized by Javier Olivares, Paco Roca or Santiago Valenzuela. Younger authors such as Ana Penya or Rayco Pulido have also been awarded.

In their short career, the authors have been more awarded over the authors, since only Penya and the awarded work in 2019, On day 3, made by Cristina Durán, together with Laura Ballester and Miguel Á. Giner Bou have collected this award. In front of these three women, 17 men have been awarded. 18 contact this year’s award.

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