Friday, December 3

Digicel and FundaMorgan sign an agreement for the prevention of gender violence

The digital operator Digicel and the organization FundaMorgan, They have come together to promote actions that raise awareness and prevent gender violence in Panama. It is an agreement that will allow the podcast of FundaMorganViolence”Is available in the GoLoud application so that all users can access it.

Violence”Is a podcast from FundaMorgan in alliance with Indomables, the Editorial Committee Basta Panama, the Avon Foundation and Medcom Radio that seeks, through interviews with experts and in a simple way, to address the different forms of violence suffered by women in society. GoLoud is an app with more than 30 local stations and podcasts from around the world.

The sealed agreement has a duration of one year and may be extended. The signing was led by the executive director of FundaMorgan, Marina Perez and the Chief Operating Officer of Digicel in Panama, José Hormazabal.

“At FundaMorgan, we believe in strategic alliances as a key tool to achieve a greater impact since we all have to contribute to achieve a real prevention of violence. We are excited to have such an important ally as Digicel, who, thanks to this alliance, will support us in spreading the Podcast “Violence“To reach more people and that, in this way, we can generate the structural changes necessary to live in a more just and equitable society,” said the executive director of FundaMorgan.

Digicel’s Chief Operating Officer in Panama stated that it is an honor to be able to contribute to the prevention of violence.

“From Digicel we have highlighted it, We are a Human Network and we are willing to collaborate with Panamanians and Panamanians to create a better and more just society and support FundaMorgan and the work they do is one way to achieve it,” he emphasized.

FundaMorgan develops various social and community actions to build a more just and equitable society.

One of its axes is that of access to justice, which, through the Community Legal Assistance Program, provides free legal assistance to women victims of domestic violence in criminal and family proceedings, which generate income of less than $ 800.00 per month of Panama, San Miguelito, La Chorrera and Arraiján. In addition to this attention, FundaMorgan strives to carry out actions for the prevention of violence in Panama.

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