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Digital advertising killed white jerseys in the NBA | Digital Trends Spanish

Milwaukee Bucks fans will no longer be able to enjoy their team’s classic outfit as the nba banned white shirts in the league and for reasons difficult to assimilate for fans.

It turns out that everything has to do with advertising and digital ads that are projected on television broadcasts.

In a green screen-style bug, certain jerseys were too close in color to the polished hardwood floors of NBA arenas. Therefore, the digital ads ended up being distorted by the players wearing the offending outfits, such as first reported paul lukasthe uniform-obsessed beautician who writes the popular newsletter uniwatch.

In the end, @Uniwatch talked to me into getting into it after all.

— Dustin Godsey (@dgodz) November 15, 2022

Team sponsors began noticing players wearing the jerseys getting in the way of their ads, reporting a “pixilation effect,” Godsey said. As a result, Milwaukee’s uniforms (and all cream uniforms) were banned throughout the NBA. The move also affects the Philadelphia 76ers, who have had a “parchment” color uniform variant in the rotation for the past three seasons, according to Lukas.

A situation that once again makes marketing and advertising triumph, the business over the aesthetics of the game.

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