Monday, February 26

Digital District consolidates itself as an engine of business opportunities and talent for its companies

Talking about the Digital District is talking about a young technological ecosystem which, in just three years of life, has managed to become one of the benchmarks among European hubs. Created and promoted by the Generalitat Valenciana through the Ministry of Innovation, Digital District It has functioned since its inception as a engine for attracting technology companies and generating innovation projects, to promote the growth of the entities in its ecosystem.

At the end of 2021, the business fabric of the hub was made up of around 400 corporations and entities from the technology sector, of which 300 are technology companies and startups. Around 80 of these companies are physically installed in the Digital District’s own locations in the city of Alicante, while the rest are startups, firms and consolidated and successful entities, with headquarters throughout the entire territory of the Valencian Community. , linked to the project as partner companies or collaborating institutions.

Companies, startups or entities dedicated to the development of technology and innovation, with headquarters or permanent establishment in the Valencian Community, can be part of the hub, as an installed company or based in or through the figures of the Partner and the Collaborator. In addition, corporations in the sector based outside the region now have the possibility of joining and collaborating with hub projects through the International Partner participation program.

It is an ecosystem that integrates companies specialized in all kinds of enabling technologies: Artificial Intelligence, machine learning Y deep learning; big data Y Smart Data Business Intelligence; IoT, cloud, sensorization Y smart cities; fintech, proptech, edutech, traveltech Y edtech; infrastructure and connectivity; hardware production; software, CRM and multi-platform; e-commerce; digital marketing; cybersecurity, digital transformation, Gaming Y eSports.

A powerful technology hub

The business attraction plan carried out to date, and the project generation program based on the call open innovation (open innovation programs), have made it possible to create and consolidate a powerful ecosystem whose main engine is the talent and innovation solutions that are promoted thanks to these collaborative synergies.

In this sense, the three international open innovation challenges started in 2021, focused on the sectors of the Tourism, Health and the prevention of climate change, and the upcoming launch of new challenges in terms of Smart Cities, energy transition and depopulation.

These programs have the objective of capturing and attracting talent and startups from all over the world, and connecting them directly with the agents that demand intelligent solutions in the referred fields. Additionally, as a result of this entire process, companies, corporates and public entities of the Valencian Community will have the opportunity to test the pilots of fully customized technological tools to improve their productivity, sustainability and competitiveness.

What does Distrito Digital offer to your companies?

Digital District has an eminently “Mediterranean” character. The attractions of the Valencian Community in terms of quality of life and meteorology are undeniable, and have been a good cover letter to attract the attention of companies from other territories, especially from European Nordic countries.

Offers a differentiated environment and services so that companies can fully develop their potential. In addition, it carries out various initiatives to attract and retain talent, as well as to promote the exchange of technological and digital knowledge between companies and the rest of the actors involved in the project.

The philosophy of this hub is to interconnect its participants using a select program of events, collaboration and development plans, investment funds and other tools to generate a technological network capable of responding to the growing demand for innovation. Its privileged location allows installed companies to scale and access European and Latin American markets, and makes it a perfect platform for international expansion.

In addition, Distrito Digital is working on updating its services to meet the needs of its companies. For this reason, its offer of benefits has been incorporating new services such as the call Europe Office, specialized in advising on technological development and surveillance in terms of aid, subsidies and European funds, or the promotion of new ways to facilitate the search for financing for SMEs in our ecosystem.