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Dinosaur discovered in Chile had a large cutting tail | Digital Trends Spanish

A fossil found in Chile reveals an unknown species of dinosaur, a herbivore whose tail could be used as a cutting weapon thanks to seven pairs of leaf-shaped bones.

This species was baptized as Stegouros elengassen, mainly because the back of the animal is very similar to that of a stegosaurus. However, it appears that it is a distant relative, since the Stegouros it is closest to ankylosaurs, which has so far been found only in the northern hemisphere.

The fossil of Stegourus elengassenUnlike ankylosaurs that were up to six meters long, it is barely the size of a medium dog, although thanks to its tail it is two meters long. DNA analysis of this adult specimen reveals that it lived 75 million years ago. In addition, its mouth was similar to that of a bird, another confirmation of the thesis that says that dinosaurs evolved into birds.

Luis Perez Lopez

The tail of the Stegourus elengassen it was used as a defense weapon against larger predators and according to Alexander Vargas, paleontologist at the University of Chile, nothing similar had ever been seen in another animal.

The fossil was found in Chilean Patagonia, in the Valley of the Chinas, which makes this find something unprecedented, since this type of dinosaurs are found more frequently in other regions of the planet.

For scientists, this is an interesting event because it serves as a reminder that there are still many species of dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals waiting to be found.

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