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Dinosaur is named after the founder of CNN | Digital Trends Spanish

20 years ago a dinosaur fossil was discovered on the ranch of Ted Turner, founder of the international news network CNN. This fossil became a new species of dinosaur called Sierraceratops turneri in honor of the owner of the land where it was found.

The Sierraceratops turneri lived 72 million years ago in Sierra County, New Mexico, and is considered a distant relative of the Triceratops.

This dinosaur was not small. Its total length is 4.5 meters, while its skull reaches 1.5 m in size. In the skull it has three horns a little shorter than those of similar species. And like its relatives, it walked on all fours and fed mainly on herbs and plants.

Scientists believe that this Sierraceratops It belongs to a new wave of dinosaur discoveries in North America, as hitherto little known areas have been investigated. One of the theories that are handled is that dinosaurs belonging to similar lineages were actually different species that inhabited a specific place.

“One of the reasons why dinosaurs were so diverse is because they adapted to exist in different habitats, such as modern birds or mammals,” explained a researcher to Phys.

The researcher says that there is a tendency to believe that these large animals would be scattered all over the planet, but the reality is that there are many different species that inhabited a particular ecosystem “and that gave them an advantage against other animals that came from outside.”

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