Friday, January 28

Directors of Madrid schools ask to immediately close the centers due to the increase in COVID infections

The directors of schools in the Community of Madrid have asked the regional government to study “urgently” the possibility of immediately closing schools, with two days to go to the end of the term and given the “high increase in infections” of the COVID-19.

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In a note made public this Tuesday, the Council of Directors of infant, primary, and special education and educational centers of infant, primary and compulsory secondary (Ceipso) formulates its request to the Community of Madrid “due to the great concern” on the part of teachers , families and students, and suggests the possibility of an online monitoring of teaching activity.

School principals say that taking into account the current situation of a high number of infections in students and the teaching population, “we would deem it appropriate for this decision to be made.”

This Monday, the Primary Care Board of the College of Physicians of Madrid warned against a “collapse of care and its serious consequences, especially the Community health care system, if urgent measures are not taken.”

Control of the “serious” epidemiological situation, with more than 60 percent of the cases infected by the new omicron strain, cannot be based solely on performing diagnostic or self-diagnostic tests and subsequent isolation of the patient, the institution noted. it’s a statement.

Among other measures, the College of Physicians proposed to advance school holidays to prevent the spread of the new strain in the unvaccinated child population.

The Community of Madrid notified 2,645 contagions this Monday – compared to 3,760 the day before-; ten deaths in hospitals, three more than on Sunday and nine more than a week ago; and the increase in the number of hospitalized patients both in the ward and in the intensive care units (ICU).