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Disability pension: how to apply for the pension and what to look out for

Disability pension – Amount and calculation

The amount of your individual disability pension depends on various factors. Irrespective of the individual amount of the disability pension, the disability pension is only rarely sufficient to finance living expenses. The disability pension is often even less than a third of the last gross salary. So if you are dependent on a disability pension as a result of a disability, you will very likely be confronted with a drastic loss of income. Your insurance years and the number of your pension points are decisive for the amount of your pension.

Tip: From the age of 27, those with statutory insurance receive annual pension information, which also lists the amount of the disability pension. The German pension insurance also explains on its website with the help of a formula It is easy to understand how you can easily calculate the amount of your pension yourself.

The amount of your disability pension depends on whether you full disability pension or one half disability pension receive. If you can only practice any profession for less than three hours a day, you are fully entitled to a disability pension. If you are able to work between three and six hours a day, you are only entitled to half a disability pension. The only exception: you could work between three and six hours a day in one job, but the current labor market situation is so difficult that you cannot find a job. Then you can have your entitlement to the full disability pension checked.

But your age or your date of birth is also decisive for the entitlement and amount of your disability pension. If you were born before January 2, 1961, you are already entitled to a disability pension if you are no longer able to work in your current job. At that time, occupational protection still applied to the disability pension. Even if you are able to work for more than six hours a day, you will receive at least half the disability pension. If, on the other hand, you were born after 1961, your earning capacity applies to all professions and you do not enjoy any occupational protection. If you can work for more than six hours a day, you are not entitled to a disability pension if you were born after January 2, 1961.

The table below shows exactly when you are entitled to a full disability pension and when you will only be paid half a disability pension.