Tuesday, January 18

Discord Launches Its Premium Memberships For Direct Monetization | Digital Trends Spanish

Discord, the chat and communication platform geared towards gamers, is launching a new category of memberships that will allow administrators to monetize their servers directly, unlike what has happened so far.

Today, content creators who have communities on Discord have to manage everything related to monetization in conjunction with other platforms specially designed for that, such as Patreon itself. But in the future that will change: Discord has started a pilot test with 10 creators, who will be able to make payments within the same service and who will keep 90 percent of the income, leaving the remaining 10 percent for the company.

The options that Discord will deliver will be several, but they will all revolve around the different categories that are created within the server and that will be defined, in terms of money, by the server administrators. Creators will also have access to an analytics system that will measure everything that happens within the server, from the number of users to the interactions they carry out.

Photo by Alexander Shatov on Unsplash

According to Discord, these new, more exclusive memberships will provide “a simpler and more direct way to offer premium experiences, content and interactions within a community.” The company says that this type of control has been one of the most requested features by users, so it is very likely that once the trial period is over, premium memberships will open to more and more content creators.

Without a doubt, what Discord is doing is making its way into the modern content creation ecosystem, which not only relies on platforms such as YouTube, Twitch or Spotify to distribute the content, but also on other annexes that have to do with monetization. Discord until now allowed one of the most complete solutions to manage the community, but payments were still made externally.

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