Friday, December 3

Discord puts cryptocurrency and NFT plans on hold due to user reaction

Discord backed down from pressure from a group of users who were not sympathetic to the idea of ​​integrating the well-known messaging platform to the Ethereum blockchain. This Wednesday, November 10, at night, the founder and CEO of Discord, Jason Citron, released a reassuring tweet for disgruntled users, where he pointed out that, for the moment, they have no plans to incorporate the concept.

«Thanks for all the perspectives of all. We have no current plans to ship this concept internally. For now, we are focused on protecting users from the spam, scams and fraud. Web3 has many good things, but also many problems that we must solve at our scale… ”, you can read in the Tweet of lemon.

The Discord community, a favorite platform for gamers, was involved this week in a debate on the relevance or not of the integration of tools that allow interaction with the Ethereum blockchain. The debate arose after Citron itself published a tweet where this possibility was seen, as reported by CriptoNoticias.

The tweet, published on Monday 8, shows as a preview the connection of Discord accounts with the Metamask and WalletConnect wallets. This would allow the handling of payments, the use of decentralized applications and even the incorporation of non-fungible tokens (NFT).

On Wednesday night, Jason Citron posted a new tweet to reassure
to the Discord community. Source: Screenshot / Twitter

The image led users to infer that the update was imminent. Hence, a group, favorable to the narrative that cryptocurrencies and NFTs generate serious environmental damage, expressed their discontent on social networks. Another of the arguments put forward is that NFTs are used mainly for tax evasion and money laundering.

Some subscribers to Discord Nitro, the platform’s premium service, posted on Twitter and Reddit screenshots of the cancellation of your subscriptions. Others even threatened to boycott Discord if the Ethereum integration went through.

One of the users who proposed in a Tweet canceling Discord subscriptions, said in supporting the withdrawal of plans with NFT. However, it conditions continuing to support the project on the idea being definitively canceled. His initial tweet on the subject has more than 22 thousand likes.

Jason Citron, did not make it clear that the idea of ​​incorporating web3 to Discord has been scrapped. On the contrary, he recognized in the model “many good things.”

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